UPP member

Flavia discovered photography once she arrive to San Francisco, Ca. after leaving her home country Argentina. She inmediatly felt in love with photography. Thanks to great professors, she started very soon working as an assitant to her professors and exposing some of her work. Shortly after hers studies she started to work at first for a well known photographer in the bay area and then for herself. She has always being a photographer with her own world, a mixture of art, publicity and fashion. As she says often, love brought her to Paris, France. Today she has her own studio and keeps working on fashion,advertising and artistic projects of her own.


2021 Meme pas Peur. L'apostroff. Malakoff. France (solo)
2020 FishMen. Garage Amelot. Paris. France
2020 Down to Earth. L’Apostroff. Malakoff. France
2019 Down To Earth. P.U. Nation/Paris. France
2018 Tango. Asso Pikk Gallery. Tallinn. Estonia (solo)
2017 Plusieurs themes. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris. France
2017 Couleur des Fées. VisionHair gallery. Paris. France. (solo)
2016 Green Fashion. Galerie Showroom, Paris,France (solo)
2015 Fashion. Galerie Showroom Tallinn,Estonie (solo)
2014 Couleur des Fées. Galerie de la Mairie d'Orsay, France (solo)
2013 Fashion.French ShowRoom,Monte Carlo,France(solo)
2013 Fashion.National Library. Tallinn,Estonie (solo)
2013 Fashion & Music. French Private Room. Tallinn, Estonie (solo)
2012 Fashion. 150 de Grand Magasin Stockmann, Tallinn, Estonie ( Jethro Massey)
2012 Carte de visite d'un photographe. Nokia Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonie (collective)
2011 Tango. Hotel Carlton, Cannes, France (solo)
2011 Bons baisers de Paris. Lounge Novell, Tallinn, Estonie (solo)
2009 Vente aux Enchères Chez Christie's ». Paris, France
2009 La Cuisine Art. Espace Mobalpa, Paris, France (collective)
2007 La Mode. Espace Collard, Gif s/Yvette, France (solo)
2006 Fetart. Espace Dialogues, Cachan, France (collective)
2005 Argentina. Galerie Tango de Soie, Lyon, France (solo)
2005 México. Libr'art, Libramont, Belgique (collective)
2005 Tango. Galerie Tango de Soie, Lyon, France (solo)
2004 Transferts. Galerie Saint Martin, Paris, France (collective)
2004 Mexico. Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France (solo)
2004 Workers. Galerie de la Mairie, Briis s/Forge, France (solo)
1995 AIDS. Gallery of Life Center, San Francisco, USA (collective)
1994 Couples. Gallery Steps of Rome, San Francisco, USA (solo)
1992 Colors. Helen Johnston Gallery, San Francisco, USA (solo)